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Just started watching Beyblade Burst and I gotta say all the characters are major adorable!


Okay yeah I see myself making an Oc for this series.

Another thing HOLY SHIT TSUBASA YONAGA who voiced Sendou Aichi in Cardfight Vanguard is in the show OMG OMG
This BlueBerry
Now voices this kid
Been on my mind for a good while now so thought to announce it. My MFB Oc Miyu Natsuki is gonna get revamp both in apperanceish and her profile. But ugh with having the midnight shift I literally don't have energy to even do the revamp. I at least have formed ideas and what not so look forward for it. <3
Welp I was tagged by :iconkristaldawn07: and by  :iconmango-hana: for Cardfight Vanguard Oc tag.

Yes I'm doing them both at the same time but I'll be tagging for each of them. First off lets start off with the 10 facts and 10 questions.


1. Each person has to share 10 facts about them
2. Answer the 10 questions of the one who tagged you and ask the ones you're tagging also 10 questions
3. Choose 10 persons and put their icon
4. You can't tag back
5. You can't say you don't do tags
6. You must make a journal entry

Welp lets see if I can come up with ten facts. I am so bad at telling things about myself. *Thinks that I'm such a mundane person*

10 Facts about myself:

  1. I have a huge obsession with dragons that I will buy anything and everything dragon related. Toys, cup holders and ect. you name and I will either have it or will try and get it.
  2. I used to love Summer and kind of Spring but because of seasonal Allergies. I have now starter to dread those seasons.
  3. I absolutely love shawls.
  4. My first visual novel I have ever read was Dramatical Murder and I plan to read more visual novels and possibly thinking about making one a small one, a very small.
  5. As of right now I have about 16 Oc's spanning several series. Though that number might go down depending on if I will keep some.
  6. I love listening to thunder and watch lighting strikes.
  7. I'm very into trading card games like Yugioh but my most recent card game I got myself into is Cardfight Vanguard and I just love it. I haven't been very active lately with me needing save money. Once I get over that hurdle I will be active again.
  8. I participated in a DND campaign and I had lots of fun!
  9. I used to be a hella big beanie baby collector.
  10. I still find it funny what got me into the Beyblade the original series was because I read someone's fanfic and it just spiraled from there.

Oh phew, omg I got ten facts in. To be honest I started to struggle around 7. I feel very proud of myself and onto the ten questions!

1. Digital or traditional art? If you’re more of a writer, do you like writing short stories, or longer ones with several chapters?

Hmm, that's sort of hard to choose there's beauty in both mediums but I guess I would have to lean more towards Digital art.

2. What was the first series you drew fanart/wrote fanfiction for?

My first series that I wrote fanfiction for although it was very bad at that time was Yugioh.

3. What’s your favorite place to visit when on holiday?

Oh jeez I barely get to do anything on holidays and ever if I do I have to stay home take care of the animals. So I guess anywhere that isn't home and not too many people. Sometimes I can handle other times not.

4. Iced tea or fruit juice?

Fruit juice, I will never understand the appeal that is Iced tea. It's way too weird for me since I'm so used to drinking tea as hot.

5. What sport do you like to play for fun?

Soccer it has to be Soccer.

6. Favorite video game character/s?

Oh man oh boy where do I begin my absolute favorite and I mean no one can top her is Angelus or Angel in the Japanese version of Drakengard or Drag-On Dragoon for the Japanese version. Angelus is just an amazing dragon that I had the fortune of playing as while playing Drakengard. Though you mainly play Caim the main character there are missions where you take to the skies and pretty much blow shit up. Oh MY GOD I love Angelus her mannerisms speaks to me in a way that she has wisdom and god damn it's beautiful. Even if a handsome man where to walk by me or in front of me I will stay at Angelus. She can command respect and who wouldn't she's a freaking dragon for crying out loud. You don't take your eyes off of a dragon that can get you killed if your not careful! And as a side note this will make me a very big trash that I should belong in the landfill filled with trash I totally ship her with Caim. *Goes to dump self in dumpster* I'm trash, don't look at me.

7. If you were to find yourself in the Pokemon world, what trainer type would you be (ranger, breeder, researcher, etc.)?

Possibly a researcher? Maybe I don't know.

8. You have the chance for your hair to be any color you want for the next year - do you change it, and if so, what color do you choose?

I actually like the color of hair I have, if anything I'd make it permanently straight if that was possible.

9. What’s one thing you wish you didn't do in school?.

I guess I wish was a bit more social. 
10. Day or night?

Hmm it really depends. I'd pick Day cause there isn't a whole to do during the night at least where I live that and I don't like to party.

Okay done with that one next is the Cardfight Vanguard Oc tag

First Name: Sakue
Last Name:
: 矢野(やの) 咲恵(さくえ)
Name’s Meaning
: Yano; Arrow field, Sakue; Blooming Kindness
: 5'4" 165cm
: 15
: Female
: 10/19 October 19th
: Libra
Left- or right-handed:
: Japanese

Hair color
: Brown
Hair length:
Past her shoulders
Hair style:
small two pony tails on the side.

Eye color
: Green eyes
: Fair with some roughness
: For the first two seasons she wears a faded green shirt on top of a grey and light red tank top. Wears grey and light red sleeves and grey skirt. Medium heel green boots.

Then season 3 she wears a faded blue half open shirt and under it a light green tank top. Faded blue skirt and brown and black strap shoes. 
Hobbies: singing, playing the violin
Favorite Foods: Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, and a little bit of meat
Fears: People not accepting her, dying alone.
Favorite season(s
): Spring
Favorite time(s) of day: Morning
Favorite animal(s): Otter, Quail and Hedgehog
Favorite flower
: Sweet William Dwarf and Bachelor’s Button
Good at/in: Playing the Violin, cleaning, tidying and studying
Not so good at/in: socializing with people, tidying up her room,
Goals/Dreams: Become a pro Violinist



Season 1: Oracle Think Tank
Season 2: Angel Feather
Season 3: Genesis


CEO Amaterasu - Oracle Think tank
Mobile Hospital Feather Palace
- Angel Feather
Goddess of Sunlight Yatagarasu
- Gensis

Family members:

Yano Fujita (9, Little brother)
Yano Maiko
(35, Mother)
Yano Giichi
(36 Father)

Close Friends:
Hirohisa Taguchi
(16) They met at the daycare when they were just two years old and ever since then they have been best friends.

Alright I'm done phew now my 10 questions.

  1. What's your go to anime/manga and ect whenever you need to cheer you up?
  2. One big comforter or layers of blankets?
  3. What method of learning is best way for you to learn? (visual, examples, hearing or something else and combination of learning methods)
  4. Which Studio Ghibli is your least favorite movie?
  5. Who is your favorite comedian/s?
  6. What's more easier to draw humans or animals?
  7. Which of your Oc you feel is the most developed as far as personality and backstory goes and which one is the least developed?
  8. If you had to pick between close range weapons or long range weapons which would you choose and why?
  9. Laptop or Desktop?.
  10. Original Beyblade or Metal fight beyblade or Beyblade Burst choose which one you like the most and why?
and the ten people I shall tag will be these people:


and now for the Cardfight Vanguard Oc tag

Triple Drive check! First check a Tag trigger I give all the effects to :iconzoras-sapphire:!
Second check another Tag trigger I give all the effects to :iconpb21794:!
Third check OH! Another Tag trigger all the effects goes to :iconkagami-usagi:!

I hope mango-hana doesn't mind I used her Tag trigger check thing I thought it was a interesting way and I just couldn't help myself but use it.
  • Reading: Dragon Champion
  • Watching: Gintama


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