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Just started watching Beyblade Burst and I gotta say all the characters are major adorable!


Okay yeah I see myself making an Oc for this series.

Another thing HOLY SHIT TSUBASA YONAGA who voiced Sendou Aichi in Cardfight Vanguard is in the show OMG OMG
This BlueBerry
Now voices this kid
Been on my mind for a good while now so thought to announce it. My MFB Oc Miyu Natsuki is gonna get revamp both in apperanceish and her profile. But ugh with having the midnight shift I literally don't have energy to even do the revamp. I at least have formed ideas and what not so look forward for it. <3
This is a bit of a overdue journal tag.

I was tagged by this lovely lady here: :iconmizzykola:
Looks like I have to pick 5 favorites from each of the Regions. This will be interesting only got favorites up to Sinnoh Region. I guess I'll just pick the ones that I like the designs of for the later regions. Alright this party is getting crazy lets rock! (bonus for anyone that got that reference.)

Generation 1 - Kanto Region
1. Moltres by pokemon3dsprites
2. Dragonite by XandYsprites
3. Ponyta by XandYsprites
4. Pidgeot by XandYsprites
5. Ninetales by XandYsprites

Generation 2 - Johto Region
1. Suicune by pokemon3dsprites
2. Lugia by pokemon3dsprites
3. Typhlosion by pokemon3dsprites
4. Skarmory by pokemon3dsprites
5. Unown E by pokemon3dsprites

Generation 3 – Hoenn Region
1. Latias by pokemon3dsprites
2. Rayquaza by pokemon3dsprites
3. Blaziken by pokemon3dsprites
4. Flygon by pokemon3dsprites
5. Altaria by pokemon3dsprites

Generation 4 – Sinnoh Region
1. Giratina (origin forme) by pokemon3dsprites + other form
2.  Arceus by pokemon3dsprites
3. Dialga by pokemon3dsprites
4. Palkia by pokemon3dsprites
5. Lucario by pokemon3dsprites

Generation 5 – Unova Region
1. Kyurem by pokemon3dsprites
2. Reshiram by pokemon3dsprites
3. Zorua by pokemon3dsprites
4. Snivy by pokemon3dsprites
5. Archeops by pokemon3dsprites

Generation 6 – Kalos Region
1. Zygarde by pokemon3dsprites
2.  Goodra by pokemon3dsprites
3. Dragalge by pokemon3dsprites
4. Aurorus by pokemon3dsprites
5. Fennekin by pokemon3dsprites

Gen 7 - Alola Region
1. Drampa #780 by pokemon3dsprites
2. Silvally #773 by pokemon3dsprites
3. Kommo-o #784 by pokemon3dsprites
4. Solgaleo #791 by pokemon3dsprites
5. Rowlet 722 by pokemon3dsprites
All time favorites!
1. Suicune by pokemon3dsprites
2. Lugia by pokemon3dsprites
3. Giratina (origin forme) by pokemon3dsprites
4. Rayquaza by pokemon3dsprites
5. Moltres by pokemon3dsprites

I shall tag :iconzoras-sapphire:, :iconyuseifudofan1: and anyone else that wants to do this.

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